What is your first thought when you wake up?

Our thoughts are particularly powerful at that moment when we first wake up from sleep. So make good use of it and say a gratitude statement.  A good one is Thank you for this exciting day.  Miracle is following miracle and my desires are being fulfilled easily and quickly under grace in perfect ways.

Dolphin blowing bubbles. Photo by Tara Marvulli

Dolphin blowing bubbles. Photo by Tara Marvulli

That will set the mood for a very happy day ahead and get you off to a great and positive start for the day.

You could also say a few of your gratitude statements.  Even if you wake up in a grumpy mood, or you are worrying about something, it’s hard to stay feeling bad when we remind ourselves of how many things we have to be grateful for.


Purchase a small white board and place it in front of your bed so you can see it the minute you wake up.  Write your favourite affirmation on it in large very visible words.


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How to really FEEL that what you desire is coming

Have you been reading inspirational books that say to get what you want in life all you have to do is to believe and to FEEL that it is coming to you?

Well this may be true but for most of us it’s not that easy to have, or to maintain a feeling of excitement and expectation that what we have asked for is now speedily heading in our direction. Which is no doubt why it’s only a small number of people that manage to manifest their most cherished desires easily and effortlessly.

Successful Manifesting is an Emotional Path

It’s ironic that for most of us focusing on what we don’t want seems to be something we have all become rather good at.  We only have to look at what we didn’t want that we have so successfully manifested into our lives, to realize that we do get what we put our attention on most of the time.

If  we could easily feel good about what we want and believe without a shadow of a doubt that it is coming to us, then we would all be celebrating wonderfully happy lives. But when we put out a request to the universe for our most cherished desires and our strongest feeling is one of doubt how do we turn this around so that the predominant feeling is one of excitement and expectation so that we do get what we really want with ease and grace?

Even saying affirmations every day is not going to change things if when you are saying the affirmation you are not really believing what you are saying and as a result you are not feeling good as you say it.

Meditation Can Help

Meditation can help us to stay positive

Meditation can help us to stay positive


Meditation is one way to help us stay in a positive frame of mind. Transcendental Meditation is a very effective form of meditation. It doesn’t  require you to have any particular religious beliefs and it is very easy to do.



Flowers to the rescue

Flower Essences can also help to push away the negative feelings and get us into more of an excited feeling of expectation.

I recently came across ‘Tribe of the Tree’ flower essences that have a lovely range of essences you can take to get rid of old negative patterns of behaviour, that could be blocking you from getting what you want.

They have a wonderful mission statement on their brochure that reads:
“Our mission is to help you reclaim the profound happiness connection with source, and reverence for nature that is, and always has been yours for the taking.”

I love the names they have given to their range of flower essences: Some of them are: Go With The Flow: inviting you to stop resisting change and trust more in the universe. Up, Up & Away: reminding you to love and approve of yourself, and Baggage Buster: for gently and easily releasing some of your old stuff and welcoming in a breath of fresh air.

Manifestation Mojo is one of my favourites.

It is made from the Coral Fern (pictured left) and will help you to tap into the Law of Attraction inspiring you to become clear about what you really want, set your intention, and get ready to welcome it or something better into your life.

These are just some of the wonderful essences in their range. You can check the entire range out here.

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I want to be a famous singer but …..

Let’s suppose you’re a singer/songwriter.  You’ve written a great album.  You know it’s catchy and would sell.  You’ve worked hard at getting it into the right hands.  You’ve even had help from people in the music industry who believe in your ability and love your work. Doors have appeared to open for you for a little while. But nothing is happening to secure you a recording contract.

A Psychic with an excellent reputation for being accurate with their predictions has reassured you that you have an incredible career ahead of you.  You will be a household name.  All the cards indicate that success is coming to you.

Flowers can heal negative emotions

For a while things are looking great and you get close to getting a major break in the music industry and then something happens to ruin this. You become angry and upset.  Why does success happen to others and not to you?  Why is it so hard for you to get a real break? Is this sounding familiar?

Are You Afraid of Fame?

It may be that deep down somewhere in your psyche you have a fear of being famous and this fear is blocking you from achieving the success you have been desiring.

If you’re unaware that you have a fear of success, imagine yourself succeeding and becoming a really famous singer.  How do you feel?  Is there a tiny feeling of angst somewhere deep in your being about this? Maybe you are even quite conscious of a very real fear when you visualise yourself as a famous recording artist but have not realized that it is this very fear that is stopping you from succeeding with your music.

Facing Your Fears

Perhaps you are a private person and you are afraid that once you become well known as a singer that you will lose your anonymity and the entire world will be watching your every move and judging you on what you do.  Or perhaps you are afraid of public speaking and fear that if you become famous you will have to appear on radio and television and give public talks. You may even have a fear of large audiences watching you as a performer.

Your fear could even be connected to finding a soulmate or maintaining an existing good relationship. Maybe you fear that being a successful singer will mean that you will be always traveling with no time for yourself or your partner.  You may even have a fear of flying and this could be blocking you from achieving your desires of making a successful living from your music.

Overcoming Your Fears

Facing whatever it is that is preventing you from being comfortable with success is a huge step towards eliminating the problem.  Once you know what you are afraid of you can work on clearing out that fear. Most things that we fear are really just in our own minds and have little to do with reality.

Let’s suppose your fear is that by being famous you won’t be able to have a happy soul mate relationship because you will be too busy traveling the world with no freedom for a personal life. Once you are honest with yourself in identifying that this is your deep seated fear and is at the root of your lack of success with your desired career, you are at least half way to solving the problem. When we acknowledge a fear we begin to look at it head on and often discover that it is irrational.

You may become aware of all the famous singers who have managed to maintain great relationships, or even have met an ideal partner once they are truly following their heart and happily exploring their own special talents and abilities. You may need some additional help in dissolving the fear you have by seeking out an alternative practitioner who can help you.

Dissolving Fears

There are many things you can do to help dissolve any deep seated fears you may have.  But remember (see disclaimer) that whatever I am suggesting here does not replace the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.


Mimulus Flower Essence

Flower Essences can be very helpful and can help to dissolve all kinds of negative emotional states.  But you do need to take them consistently and consult with a flower essence practitioner to make sure you are choosing the best possible remedy.

If you know what the fear is you can begin working with affirmations to help clear out the fear and perhaps combine that with a flower essence.

If your fear is that fame will block you from having a successful relationship try saying something like this:

I enjoy a successful singing career and a perfect relationship with my ideal partner.

Another way to approach the removal of a known fear is to offer it to the light.

You could say:

I offer my fear of being famous to be dissolved in the light.

Meditation Can Help

Meditation over time can be very helpful in dissolving fears. Seek out a good meditation technique and set aside time everyday to dive deep into your being.

Meditation can help remove stress

Transcendental Meditation or TM® is an excellent technique for the removal of deep seated stress and has had many scientific studies published in peer reviewed journals that show its effectiveness for a whole range of things. It’s also extremely easy to do, is practiced by millions of people all over the world and anyone can do it, no matter what they believe or don’t believe in.  It works no matter what.

You Are What You Feel

We’ve all noticed at some time in our lives that when we feel good about ourselves our life flows well and we find it easier to manifest what we want. So feeling fearful is not going to bring you what you desire.  So do whatever you can to clear yourself of those unwanted fears and you will begin to see success flowing your way.

Good luck with that.



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‘Rapture’ Music from Heaven to Heal Humanity

I came across this incredible piece of music that has been said to have been created by angels via a gifted musician Joao Cota-Robles who passed away. Click here to read how this glorious piece of music came into being through Joao’s connection with the talented French musician, Frederic Delarue.

We just have to listen to it everyday.  Which is not hard to do as it’s very beautiful.

Click here to download a FREE MP3 for your Iphone or Ipod.

Here’s what Joao said about this music.

“The frequency of this Celestial Music communicates with the Divine Intelligence of the body at a cellular level raising the consciousness of each cell. As the music soothes and comforts the cells, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is enhanced.

This sacred music is compatible and works in harmony with every healing modality or medical treatment a person may choose to experience. The music resonates with an additional blessing for everyone who is dealing with any form of cancer.

When was the last time you stopped to smell the fragrance of the flowers

Angelic Flowers


This music is a gift from On High and it is never to be bought or sold. Please share this information with everyone you feel would benefit from this sacred gift of Celestial Music.”
Joao Cota-Robles


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Why We Cannot Survive Without Whales

I only recently discovered that two thirds of our oxygen supply on the planet comes from the phyto plankton in the oceans.  The rain forests supply the other third.  And guess who keeps the phyto plankton healthy by regularly harvesting it?  The Whales.  They also eat Krill that also eat the phyto plankton.

If this plankton is not regularly harvested by the whales and the krill, it will eventually rot forming a gas known as Methane.  And this gas drifts into the earth’s atmosphere destroying our oxygen supply.  So if the whales were suddenly to disappear from our planet, or their numbers to be greatly reduced, then guess what might happen to the human race that rely on oxygen to breathe?

So it’s not just for the love of them that we need to protect the whales.  We need them for our very survival.

We need the whales

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Whale of a Time

Went out on the Sydney whale watching boat. We had such a treat. The whales were very close to the coastline and even closer to our boat.

They did amazing back flips and rolled onto their sides to wave to us on the boat. We had their company for over two hours. It was such a treat.

Did you know that whales keep the phytoplankton in the ocean under control?

Healthy plankton is responsible for about 70% of the oxygen we breathe on the planet.

If the number of whales in the ocean are dramatically reduced then the plankton will stop getting the regular pruning that keeps it healthy and in balanced amounts. Whales also eat the small shrimp like organisms known as krill.  With not enough whales the krill would be free to multiply dramatically, and since they also eat plankton there is a danger it could get overeaten and begin to disappear.

Once the plankton is gone the human race would lose at least 70% of the ozone in our atmosphere, leaving us only left with our depleted rainforests to supply the oxygen we need to breathe.

The other side of the coin is that without the whales regular pruning of the plankton much of it may be left to rot and when that happens it produces a methane gas that destroys the ozone layer. So either way we need to make sure that the phytoplankton remains in healthy supply in the oceans and the right balance of organisms that rely on this for their diet is maintained.

This is how important the whales are to us. We need them perhaps a whole lot more than they need us.  Another reason, apart from the obvious cruelty, to stop the whaling in the oceans.


Showing off with a very impressive back flip

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Blue for Peace and Communication

It’s interesting to think about the colours that Nature used in her palette to paint our world.

Blue represents peace, purity, connection to the cosmos and good communication.

Blue for peace and good communication

Our planet when seen from space is essentially a blue planet and blue is a cool colour that brings peace, purity, a sense of the truth, connection to a more cosmic way of being,  and improved communication.

Think about that!  Do you think that Mother Nature might have had some good ideas when choosing to make our world essentially blue?


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Orange for Emotional Balance

Did you know that by simply surrounding yourself with the colour orange you are helping to balance your emotions?

Orange can help with shock and trauma

The colour orange is also the colour of the second Chakra known as the Sacral chakra which is located just below the naval.

This chakra (wheel of energy) looks after the functioning of the reproductive system and Orange has also been known to improve fertility.


Orange is a joyful, vibrant colour that improves creativity, stimulates the mind and appetite, and can even help with shock and trauma.

Orange Flowers in Flower Essences

Those who make flower essences for taking internally to balance the emotions know about the properties of Orange.  The orange Zinnia flower when taken as a flower essence remedy is said to bring about a transformation to a more positive and joyful state of being, and can even tickle the sense of humour when taken.

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The Colours of Love and Happiness

Flowers Create Emotional Responses by Their Colours

Nature in her great wisdom has gifted us with glorious flowers of every colour combination imaginable. But when we gaze at one of her beautiful flowers we may not realize the importance that the particular colour plays in healing  our minds, bodies and emotions.

The colours of love and happiness


Pink can produce feelings of unconditional love and it’s hard to look at yellow without feeling joyful and optimistic.


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New Dolphin Species in Aussie Waters

A pod of 150 dolphins has been discovered living in Port Phillip Bay and the Gippsland Lakes in the Southern waters of Australia. I had written an article on Suite 101 but the site has been sold and is currently being newly created.  Once it is finalized I will put the link back here to where you can read the article.

Photo by Peter Mayoh, Monash University




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