‘Rapture’ Music from Heaven to Heal Humanity

I came across this incredible piece of music that has been said to have been created by angels via a gifted musician Joao Cota-Robles who passed away. Click here to read how this glorious piece of music came into being through Joao’s connection with the talented French musician, Frederic Delarue.

We just have to listen to it everyday.  Which is not hard to do as it’s very beautiful.

Click here to download a FREE MP3 for your Iphone or Ipod.

Here’s what Joao said about this music.

“The frequency of this Celestial Music communicates with the Divine Intelligence of the body at a cellular level raising the consciousness of each cell. As the music soothes and comforts the cells, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is enhanced.

This sacred music is compatible and works in harmony with every healing modality or medical treatment a person may choose to experience. The music resonates with an additional blessing for everyone who is dealing with any form of cancer.

When was the last time you stopped to smell the fragrance of the flowers

Angelic Flowers


This music is a gift from On High and it is never to be bought or sold. Please share this information with everyone you feel would benefit from this sacred gift of Celestial Music.”
Joao Cota-Robles


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