Orange for Emotional Balance

Did you know that by simply surrounding yourself with the colour orange you are helping to balance your emotions?

Orange can help with shock and trauma

The colour orange is also the colour of the second Chakra known as the Sacral chakra which is located just below the naval.

This chakra (wheel of energy) looks after the functioning of the reproductive system and Orange has also been known to improve fertility.


Orange is a joyful, vibrant colour that improves creativity, stimulates the mind and appetite, and can even help with shock and trauma.

Orange Flowers in Flower Essences

Those who make flower essences for taking internally to balance the emotions know about the properties of Orange.  The orange Zinnia flower when taken as a flower essence remedy is said to bring about a transformation to a more positive and joyful state of being, and can even tickle the sense of humour when taken.

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