May your dreams be fulfilled by drinking proper cups of tea

Hello I’m Lady Ophelia Austen Featherbrew.  I am a British aristocrat.  A lady of breeding. Unfortunately I am stuck in the Antipodes with a bunch of philistines because my silly husband Percival is in love with the place.

Anyway I hope you will put the kettle on, make yourself a proper cup of tea and have a listen to a little story I have to tell you.  If you’re like me, and have no idea about this technical podcast thingeys, you will need to click on the link below.

Enjoy yourselves and please don’t slurp your tea.

Lady O.

Lady Ophelia tries out Flower Essences


I was at my wits end and decided to say a little affirmation


Hello my dears.  Well my butler burnt the pheasant yet again last week and managed to carelessly remove a certain anatomical part from my statue of David in his attempt to free the statue from dust.  I was beside myself.

My husband Percival is always going on about affirmations and positive thinking.  He’s really turned into one of those ghastly greenies.  Heaven only knows what would happen if anyone got wind of this at the croquet club.  I’d be struck off as a member immediately.

Anyway when one is so desperate one does desperate things so I said a little affirmation for one week to try and improve my Butler’s memory.  You can listen to me talking about this on the link below.  Have a simply splendid day and please try and associate only with people of breeding such as yours truly.

Lady Ophelia Austen Feather-brew.

Lady Ophelia tries out affirmations to improve her butler’s memory


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