Why We Cannot Survive Without Whales

I only recently discovered that two thirds of our oxygen supply on the planet comes from the phyto plankton in the oceans.  The rain forests supply the other third.  And guess who keeps the phyto plankton healthy by regularly harvesting it?  The Whales.  They also eat Krill that also eat the phyto plankton.

If this plankton is not regularly harvested by the whales and the krill, it will eventually rot forming a gas known as Methane.  And this gas drifts into the earth’s atmosphere destroying our oxygen supply.  So if the whales were suddenly to disappear from our planet, or their numbers to be greatly reduced, then guess what might happen to the human race that rely on oxygen to breathe?

So it’s not just for the love of them that we need to protect the whales.  We need them for our very survival.

We need the whales

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