How Can We Attract What We Want If We Have Bad Karma?

Karma simply means action and is also known as ‘The Law of Cause and Effect’.  If you are to believe all the great spiritual texts and living gurus and great saints, karma is accumulated both good and bad as we perform actions and think thoughts throughout our life.  How it comes back to us is a mystery and unfolds through our life experiences.

Celestial Sunrise in Central Australia

It’s hard to find a mention of the ‘K’ word in any of the books I’ve read on changing our lives through our focus and our thoughts. Why this is remains a mystery to me.

I decided to write an article about this for my freelance writing site Suite 101.  However the site has been sold and is currently being re-developed.  When it is back up again I will put the link in to where you can read the article.




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Is Anger stopping you from getting what you want?

We all know someone who is always happy and optimistic that only good things can come their way.  Perhaps you have found yourself thinking ‘well no wonder they’re always happy.  They get everything they want.’

It could be that they have been very fortunate in having a happy childhood with parents who have conditioned them by their constant conversation that they are a lucky person, and life will bring them everything they desire. So they’ve grown up with a strong belief that they can easily get what they want.

The Law of Attraction supports this confident, happy feeling and hey presto, they have even more great things manifesting in their life to support their belief that they are in fact lucky and supported by the universe.

Check Your Resentment Levels

One sure way to find out how you’re doing at maintaining a good feeling level is how you react when someone tells you about something fantastic that has happened in their life.  Do you feel excited and happy for them?  Or do you feel resentful and even a little jealous or angry that they have something you would like and don’t have.

These are the feelings you have to watch if you want to attract positive things into your life.

What You Put Your Attention on Grows

The more angry and resentful you feel, the more the Law of Attraction will present you with more things to feel angry and resentful about.

It’s a universal law that whatever we focus on the most is more often than not what we eventually draw into our lives.  So why spend time thinking about things that don’t make you feel good.  Even if it feels a little strange, imagine that the thing you would like to happen has already come to you.  Explore every avenue of how you are feeling about now having it.  How happy and safe and relieved you feel.  Think about it every time you begin to feel a negative mood coming on.

If you do this for long enough, you will be amazed at how your life will begin to change in a positive direction to reflect your change in feeling level.  Even if you have to fake it at first, it’s better than wasting time pondering over something negative, or feeling afraid that something bad is coming your way.

If you find this hard to do at first, say some gratitude statements:

Be grateful for things you may be taking for granted.



‘I am so grateful for the beautiful flowers that are given to me for my enjoyment every day.’



Flowers can heal us by their colour as well as their essence and aroma.

Get a Little Help from the Flowers

Sometimes we just need a little outside help to uplift our mood. There are many flower essences that can help to permanently shift feelings of anger and resentment.

Willow is one of Dr. Bach’s flower remedies that helps people to overcome sulky, angry and resentful feelings.  Gorse is a Bach Flower remedy that will shift feelings of extreme hopelessness and Gentian helps those who become very easily discouraged.  A combination of all three is helpful.

Try putting four drops of a combination bottle into your daily drinking water and sipping on it throughout the day.*  Flower Essences work in a very subtle way to shift emotional blockages, even very deep rooted ones, but you do need to take then regularly and once you notice your mood has permanently shifted stop taking the essence.

Meditation and getting into nature will uplift your feelings

Learn to Meditate

A good meditation technique if practiced regularly will greatly reduce any build up of stress in your mind, body and emotions, and help you to connect with that place deep within yourself where there is lasting peace and happiness.

Transcendental Meditation or TM® as it is more commonly known, is a simple and effective technique that is practiced by millions of people of all religions, and no religion, all over the world.

It’s not difficult to do and can be done anywhere that you can comfortably sit down without being disturbed. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who introduced TM® to the West, said ‘If you can think, you can meditate.’

It has a solid backing of well over 500 scientific research studies, published in peer reviewed journals that clearly demonstrate its many benefits and positive effect on human health and well being.

But there are many ways to cross the river and its important to find a meditation technique that you feel is right for you.  Just make sure you don’t cross the river with your feet in two boats. You don’t want to fall through the crack in the middle!

One thing is for sure, whatever you do to reach it, once you can maintain a good positive feeling level, good things can’t help but come to you.  And once this starts to happen it will be so much easier to believe that more good things can come your way, and before you know it, you’ll be on a roll.

It’s a universal law, that what you put your attention on grows, so why not put your attention on feeling good.  Try saying the following statement whenever you feel an angry or resentful feeling creeping in.  It really helps.

‘I release my feelings of anger and resentment to the light’


* see disclaimer




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Appreciate your way to more success

If you read any of the books on positive thinking and the ‘Law of Attraction’ many of them emphasize the importance of feeling that you have already got whatever it is that you are wanting to attract into your life.

Give thanks for the simplest things like our beautiful forests


That’s all very well, but how do we feel that we have these things when everything is screaming at us that we don’t.  This is not an easy thing to do. You can pretend of course and this is often suggested in the books, but the tricky thing is to keep this up when challenging things happen in our lives.


Switch Your Thoughts to Gratitude

Appreciate the flowers

One of the quickest ways to genuinely begin to feel better is to start saying thanks for all the incredible things you have in your life.  You will be amazed at how quickly this will uplift even the darkest of moods.  And you don’t have to stick to just saying gratitude statements for what you do have, you can say them for what you want to come into your life.

Try this out.  Instead of saying ‘I am now in my ideal relationship’ try saying ‘I am so grateful for the wonderful person who has come into my life so unexpectedly. Thank you so much for bringing me my true soul mate.  We get along so well on every level and I am so attracted to this person and they are to me.  I am so deeply grateful that they have come into my life.  Thank you so much.’

How could you not feel good when saying that and the trick is to keep saying it if this is what you want to happen.  You will be amazed at how different you will begin to feel and you will begin to draw other wonderful things into your life.


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How Flower Essences are Made

Dripping spring water through a Spider Flower

A flower essence can be created by dropping spring water through the flower blossoms and gathering the water in a large bottle half filled with brandy for preserving the essence.

It is then put into a much smaller bottle by diluting it down again, half brandy, half water.  Dosage bottles are then made up by putting a particular number of drops of the mother essence into a bottle filled with spring water and a little brandy at the bottom.

Some people like to sit and meditate with the plant, or spend time painting or drawing it before beginning the process of making the essence.  Asking permission to work with the plant and requesting that it release its healing properties into the water is also an important part of the process.

Check out my new article on Suite 101 to read about the way flower essences can clear not only negative emotional states but physical conditions as well.

Click here to read it on line.

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How to Have Success with Positive Affirmations

Is it enough to just say a positive affirmation and then wait for the result to manifest?  Well it is if you do it right.  But the problem is that most of us don’t know how to get into the right feeling level to remain positive and confident that we will have success and receive what we are affirming.

Dolphin bubbles. Photo by Tara Marvuli


Check out my article here on how to ensure that your positive affirmations will bring you the success you want.


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Flower Essences for Fears

Flower Essences belong to a system of medicine known as Vibrational Medicine.  They work in a similar way to Homeopathic remedies: ‘the greater the dilution the greater the effect.’

Their effect is subtle but can be very effective, especially if taken regularly and they work on negative emotional conditions.

Monkey Flowers for Addressing Fears

According to The Flower Essence Society The Monkey Flowers address a wide spectrum of soul fears.  Everything from intense anxiety and depression to altering feelings of shame and self rejection.

Dr Marina Angeli describes some interesting case studies that have been done on the Monkey Flowers for dealing with different kinds of fears.

Purple Monkey Flower can help clear certain deep rooted fears



There is a case study with Purple Monkey Flower and a spiritual based anxiety and another on the harmful effects of religious dogma.



Dr Angeli describes case studies done on Sticky Monkey Flower and how it has helped someone to find a deeper connection in a relationship.  Whereas Scarlet Monkey Flower can help with intense anxiety and depression and dealing with shame and self rejection.

Mimulus is a Bach Flower Remedy used for known fears


The English version of the Monkey Flower is Mimulus which is used in the Bach Flower Remedies for known fears.


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Feel Better First and What You Desire Will Come

For some reason it seems so hard for us to understand that there is real power in relaxation.  When we feel good, when we feel we have abundance, is when our lives begin to change in a positive direction.

So if we are trying to manifest something, let’s say financial abundance but we are doing this from a feeling of lack of money, what will manifest is more lack of money.  The trick to being successful in manifesting what we want is to already feel that we have the thing we have been wanting.

Amazing Flower

Reach for the Best Feeling You Can Find

It’s important to always reach for the best feeling you can find.  Even if you have to con yourself into feeling good. As long as the feeling is genuine the universe will not know the difference.   Make your determination one of feeling good rather than one of manifesting something.  You will become a happy person and things will begin to flow to you more easily because of your new state of being.

Allow What You Desire to Come

We often make the mistake of saying an affirmation about something we want but we don’t allow the desire to manifest because what we are actually feeling is some uncomfortable resistance and it is this very resistance that will not allow the desire to manifest. When we ask and then simply allow the desire cannot help but come to us.

Gratitude Helps to Get into the Right Feeling

If you are having trouble genuinely feeling good about what you have requested, and there are all kinds of resistant thoughts popping into your mind, try expressing your affirmation in terms of a thank you statement.

For example you could say:

‘Thank you for bringing me complete financial freedom from my song writing.  I am so grateful for the large sums of money that now flow into my bank account from my creativity.  It’s brought me so much freedom and fulfillment. Thank you so very much.’

Some how by saying this it’s hard not to feel good and that good feeling is what will draw the manifestation to you as long as you can hold onto the feeling.

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You Need to be Single Minded to Attract Your Desires

It’s easy to fall into the trap of sending out contradictory messages to the universe when there is something you want to attract into your life.

Perhaps what you really would like to manifest is a high paid part time job but your bank balance is getting low so as well as affirming that you have the part time job, you’ve been focusing strongly on getting an on-going temporary assignment so you can build up your savings and be able to pay the rent for the following week.

So the message you are sending out is ‘I want a part time job but what I really want is an immediate on-going temporary assignment.’

We receive what we focus on and believe in the most

What You Put Your Focus On Grows

Whatever you are putting the most amount of focus on is what you will attract into your life, whether it is what you want or what you don’t want.

So if you are asking for two contradictory things to happen, but you have more focus on one than the other, then you are going to receive the thing you have been focusing on the most.

How to Attract Contradictory Desires

What you have the most focus and belief is going to happen is what you are going to get.  So if you want the permanent part time job to manifest but your belief is that this could take a while, so you also want to manifest a short term temporary assignment, you need to affirm this in a way that is absolutely clear. One way to do this is to put a timing on things.

You could say something like this:

Thank you so much for this on-going high paid temporary assignment and for bringing me a permanent high paid job for 3 days a week by end of (month/s).

By doing this you are not only making it clear that you do want both things to manifest (albeit at different times) but because you have put what you believe to be a realistic time frame on getting the permanent part time job, you will have a better chance of manifesting it because you believe it can happen.



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Are Your Fears Sabotaging Your Success?

Let’s suppose you want to be a successful song writer.  You’ve received encouragement from people in the music profession that you have definitely got talent and should keep pursuing this career.  You’ve worked incredibly hard at writing a large number of original songs and you’ve been affirming your success with positive affirmations. But the rejections keep coming.

How Do You Know if You’re Blocking Your Success?

Imagine that your desire is fulfilled and then examine how you truly feel about this.  Are you really excited?  Do you feel completely comfortable with achieving this goal? Or is there some underlying negative feeling you can’t quite place that is dampening your excitement?

If you don’t feel 100% excited at the prospect of achieving your desire it could be that you have an underlying fear associated with this that is blocking you from achieving your goal. The universe cannot bring you what you desire if you are not absolutely clear that this is what you truly want.

Addressing the Blockage to Your Success

So if you think there may be something blocking your success imagine that you have achieved what you’ve asked for and then ask yourself what it is that you are afraid might happen as a result of achieving this goal. Be absolutely honest with yourself.  When you discover what it is ask yourself the question ‘What is the worse thing that could happen?’ You may discover that whatever it is that you’re afraid of is not such a big deal after all and is something you could easily handle if you just think it through a bit. Then try imagining yourself achieving your goal again and see how you feel.  If you have successfully worked through your fear you should now feel much happier about achieving your goal and you can go back to affirming your success.

Yellow for joy

The colour yellow is cheerful and promotes a feeling of joy and contentment


I now release this fear I have of ….. to the light

I am absolutely clear about what I desire

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Why Hasn’t My Soulmate Come?

Are you one of those people who have read all the books on positive thinking and ‘The Law of Attraction’?  You’ve written down everything you would like in a partner and you’ve said positive affirmations and done your best to feel the person is already with you.  But all that has manifested are people you don’t find that appealing.  What is going on?

A Red rose for love and passion

Matching Your Vibration

In Esther and Jerry Hicks new book ‘The Vortex’ published by Hay House, they talk about the way the ‘Law of Attraction’ works and how it brings us our vibrational match.  So if we are wanting particular qualities in a person we first need to make sure we have those qualities in ourselves.

I thoroughly recommend reading this book by the way. It holds some valuable insights I have not found in any other book I’ve read on manifestation and relationships and includes a large number of flawed premises that are at the heart of every uncomfortable relationship issue.

Here’s a quote from the book from ‘Abraham’ the name given to a group of non physical  teachers who speak through Esther.

‘In order to find what you are calling “the perfect mate” you must first be the perfect mate. In other words you must consistently emit a vibrational signal that matches the mate you desire.’

This makes a lot of sense.  We first need to work on being the kind of person that the soulmate we are wanting to draw into our lives would want to be with.  Because as Abraham has pointed out in Esther and Jerry Hicks book ‘we are vibrational beings’ and like attracts like.

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