A Journey Towards Manifesting Healthy Emotions

Hi I’m Maggie and I want to welcome you to my blog manifestemotionalhealth.com.

Manifestemotionalhealth.com is a blog for people who want information that may help them clear underlying negative emotional conditions and become more successful at manifesting their most cherished desires.

Why this blog.

The reason I wanted to write this kind of blog is because I have been on my own very long and tiresome emotional journey trying all kinds of different things to finally get to a point where I feel I am beginning to make some real progress.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting that I am living a life in continuous bliss and everything that I deeply desire flows to me easily and effortlessly, and I never experience a negative emotion.  Who would I be kidding?

It’s an ongoing process of growth for all of us. But I would like to share some of the things that have helped me to make significant positive shifts in my life and perhaps it will help you on your journey to clearing any emotional blocks you may have to getting what you want in life.

Just to put the record straight I am not claiming to be an expert in any of the fields that I will write about in my blog.  I have no medical qualifications apart from a diploma in Aromatherapy and a huge interest in flower essences.  So if you have any medical condition that you are concerned about, you should always consult your doctor.

Anything I write about in my blog is for your information and in some cases (as on the humour page) entertainment purposes only.   I will offer all kinds of information and provide a variety of links that I hope will point you in the right direction and be helpful to you.

Why I wanted to blog about manifestation

Despite all the books that are available on the ‘Law of Attraction’ and positive thinking, many people are still finding it hard to attract the kind of lives they would ideally like to have.

This is because we all have underlying negative emotional states that can block our success at manifesting what we want.  They may have been there a very long time and despite what anyone may tell you, they are not so easy to shift.

My own journey has been a long and continual period of discovery and growth. Looking back, it makes sense to me why we sometimes have to suffer in order to move away from suffering. But it doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time to discover the things that are going to help us, and what we need to do to bring about permanent positive change in our being.

Stay tuned because soon I will have:

  • Articles about clearing old patterns of behaviour that may be reducing your chances of getting what you want.
  • Audio podcast recordings of interviews with people who have overcome huge emotional challenges and how they did this.
  • Videos with experts providing tips on clearing negative emotional states and individuals giving their secrets to how they changed their lives.
  • DVD’s that you can easily download and watch on your Iphone or computer to help you to manifest your ideal life.
  • Fresh content added regularly about emotional health, what that means and how to get it.

You can subscribe to this blog using your chosen feeder through RSS. If you don’t know what RSS is, (and I didn’t), it’s a way of being continually updated as to when something new is added to the blog.  More on that later.


Here I am having fun on a Murray River steamer in South Australia.






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